HODLversity in Playa del Carmen, the New Crypto Hub in Mexico


The small touristic town on Mexico’s Caribbean coast is attracting more and more digital nomads and crypto entrepreneurs. Crypto meetups are booming and in May it will host the HODLversity, a three day course for crypto beginners.

In October 2020 they started a monthly meetup for people who are interested in crypto topics. HODLversity have organised crypto meetups in Berlin since June 2013, usually with guests Aaron Koenig – founder of HODLversity – interviewed, so why not start something similar in his “new hometown”? 

In March we even met up twice, as we had two interesting guests who were in Playa for just one week, first the perpetual traveller Christoph Heuermann, then the libertarian radio host Mark Edge.

HODLversity is a rather funny name which combines the crypto meme HODL with “university”. The first day is made for total newbies. You will learn the absolute basics of crypto: how to use a wallet, how to safely store your keys, how to buy and sell crypto coins, etc. If you know all that already, you may skip Day 1 and go directly into the more advanced lessons, in which we will cover investing and trading, DeFi, second layer solutions, NFTs and many other aspects. At the end of the course you will have a good knowledge of the most important aspects of the crypto revolution.

Get a 10% discount to participate in this event by using the link here: https://hodlversity.io/a4am44d

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