Two ways to earn money with GemTRX



There are two ways to earn with GemTRX and they can be exploited by depositing Tron.

How to earn with GemTRX

There are two ways to earn money with GemTRX.

The first is simply to deposit Tron (TRX) into your GemTRX account, and make a certain percentage of deposits every day. 

In this way, you accumulate earnings that can also be withdrawn every day if you wish, after verifying your account.

It is a very simple and straightforward system, but the second way allows you to earn more money. 

This is a method introduced on GemTRX more recently, and it is called “Mining Cycle”

It is comparable to mining contracts, with various cycles ranging from 7 days to over 60 days.

After depositing TRX on a continuous basis in the chosen mining cycle, users can earn a daily return of between 1.3% and 5% on their initial deposit. In fact, interest is accumulated seven days a week, until the maximum amount of the deposit value is reached.

At the end of each day, the entire amount, including daily interest and principal, will be automatically returned to the promotion’s account, and the user can withdraw the full amount as well.

There are eight cycles, all of which require a minimum initial deposit of 100 Tron (TRX), that is just under $6. The only thing that varies is the duration.

GemTRX Tron
The different cycles of GemTRX

The first cycle, which lasts 7 days, yields 1.3%, while the last cycle lasts 150 days and yields 5.0%. 

The others range from 15 to 120 days, with yields between 1.6% and 4.5%

This is the yield table: 

7 days, 1.3%

15 days, 1.6%.

30 days, 2.5%.

45 days, 3.0%.

60 days, 3.5%.

90 days, 40%

120 days, 4.5%

150 days, 5.0%

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