Toni Shinobi and the relationship between NFTs, metaverse and photography

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The new reality between NFT and metaverse according to Toni Shinobi

A few days ago Tobi Shinobi, a leading photographer, offered his point of view on NFTs, metaverse and photography, explaining that:

“Instagram went so far as to democratize the creative industry for people like myself, who probably would have never considered getting into photography. Web 3.0 has taken that democratization to the next level. It’s democratizing the platforms themselves.”

In Web 3, for example, metaverses, universes suspended between the physical and digital worlds, are entering more and more forcefully in our daily lives and, in the eyes of the most futuristic, will become completely, almost totally, our “new” reality.

The metaverse is therefore changing many aspects of our lives: entertainment, shopping, social relations, etc… 

Photography and the Web 3

In the last decade photography, especially thanks to social media, first of all Instagram, has greatly speeded up and democratized the creation and consumption of photographic material. With the coming into play of the metaverse, however, the balances will again be changed and resized.

Lovers of film images in web 3.0 are finally free from the limitations of past devices or even the laws of physics.

Photography in the metaverse will give a previously unimaginable freedom to artists, it will allow us to explore light, color and perspective in a completely new way but not only, this new digital frontier offers us the opportunity to rewrite the rules of visual storytelling and artistic ethics.

An incredible opportunity for growth and innovation!

Through the metaverse, photography can and will become more than just still images. The concept of photography will move drastically away from what we all have about it today. 

Photography in metaverses will involve not only sight, our main sense, but probably also the hearing and who knows what else. The phygital universe will then forge a new category of art, a new type of sensory experience. 

The decentralized art economy will bring risks and gains 

This decentralized art economy will obviously bring with it many opportunities and gains but also, some risks.

Artists will no longer be slaves of the algorithms or terms and conditions of the platforms themselves, as happens today on the main social networks. That said, there are certainly also some potentially frightening consequences in a decentralized web.

The basic regulations for this new dimension will have to be revised.  Not to mention that, the creators and leaders of the various platforms will have to update the consensus rules and it will be necessary to increase training to make everyone understand the value and potential of the blockchain and the NFTs.

For years the world of photography has allowed us to have an open window on new experiences and perspectives and now we have the opportunity and perhaps also the obligation to take what we have learned and build better exchange platforms. 

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