Battilana 1850: a new wine brand that looks to sustainability and NFT technology

Battilana 1850 NFT


“Battilana 1850 token” is the name of the NFT that from today will be given as a gift to customers who purchase a 6-bottle box of Battilana Timorasso d.o.c. 2020 from the online shop ( The NFT, available for this first print run in only 333 copies, guarantees its owner numerous exclusive benefits: a digital copy of the label that is unique and different from all the others, the virtual adoption of a specific vine from the Battilana vineyard, free tasting in the winery, discounts on the purchase of wine in the winery and on accommodation at the “Tana degli orsi”.

What are NFTs?

Many people will be wondering what is an NFT (acronym for ‘Non-Fungible Token’). This new technology makes it possible to “mint” a set number of unique and non-reproducible certificates. The “name” of the owner of the individual certificate is recorded on a computer infrastructure called the Blockchain, which guarantees ownership by exploiting a decentralized network distributed across the globe. This makes it possible to verify the authenticity of an NFT at any time and to trace its various steps from one owner to another. In this way, the owners of Battilana 1850 tokens can always be guaranteed the exclusive advantages reserved for them, without the possibility of forgery.

NFT of Battilana 1859
NFT of Battilana 1859

The NFTs of Battilana 1850

This initiative has been made possible thanks to the invaluable collaboration of LCS S.r.l., a robust company founded in 2009 by a group of researchers and computer science graduates. The company is committed to providing support to customers to improve productivity and simplify the management of company and business processes. In addition to the solid theoretical knowledge acquired in the academic field, LCS provides customers with the technical skills derived from many years of experience in the IT field gained in important Italian companies. The company’s flagship product – also used for this project – is the Smart Helper: a tool to control, monitor and plan business processes with the aim of making them more efficient and supervised. More information can be found at

The artistic aspect of the initiative has been realized thanks to the works of the Genoese painter Vera Girivi, which populate the labels of the company’s wines: they are all portraits of characters in some way connected to the history of the Mignacco family. Like the label that will constitute the NFT, which portrays Signor Battilana himself, owner of the vineyard purchased by the founder of the family – Giovanni Battista Mignacco – back in 1850. Vera, whose works are much admired by the likes of Jerry Saltz and Josh Brolin, is currently exhibiting at a gallery in New York.

The winery has also decided to change its name to “Battilana 1850”, thus enhancing both its flagship label – produced exclusively with pure Timorasso grown on the farm – and the vineyard that bears the same name, a regular venue for events and tastings. The company’s commitment to sustainability also continues, both through the purchase of several hectares of woodland – which will be used for conservation – and through the search for virtuous agronomic techniques, with the important milestone of the 2022 harvest in which all grapes will be certified organic.

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